Home Staging Furniture Rentals

Selling a home can be tough in a depressed market. There is your home and other homes in the neighborhood all trying to sell at the same time. While you can do some renovations and offer some perks to sell fast, these techniques do not always work. In our experience, one of the best and fastest way to sell a home is to get it staged by professionals.

Professional Home Stagers know what it takes to make a home stand out. They place name brand furniture in a way that it accentuates the value of the house. At Splendid Furniture Rentals, we carry name brand furniture that is available for home staging rentals.

Our home staging furniture rental line consists of luxurious furniture available for short term rentals at a competitive price

Reasons to hire a landscaping company

The dream of most people is to own a home, but for that dream to work you need to do a lot of work. To protect your investment, there are several upkeeps that you need to do indoors that affects you significantly such as furnace maintenance. However, it is very crucial to remember that the exterior of your premises too. Perhaps, things such as bed maintenance and landscaping are crucial as the interior of your home. Although having an attractive yard is good on the eyes, it is important to remember that your homes’ landscaping is not just for appearances. It can also play a big part in improving or decreasing the value of your home together with the neighborhood you reside in. Yard job can be a big task to tackle. Depending on what you are undertaking, it may take the whole day to finish. This is normally true when you are initiating a new landscape project such as a flowered walkway or renovating an old project such as a flower bed. This is where the expertise of a professional landscaping company come in place.

Why you should hire a local landscaper

There are many benefits to hiring a local landscaping company. However, when you require little convincing, below are the major reasons why you should.

Professional landscapers understand what they are doing

Landscaping is more than only digging around in the soil or eliminating weeds. Landscaping specialists are specific about their design. All professional landscapers take pride in understanding the interior and exterior of yard maintenance. Professional landscapers study the only things that non-landscaping specialist will not know about like soil pH, soil quality and many other factors. Experts also understand which plants are perfect for your specific local climate. Some places do not receive enough rainfall and spring, summer and fall months can be rather hot. This kind of environment mixed with your yard’s soil composition may prevent some plants from growing well. By hiring a professional landscaping company, you can receive a personal analyzation of what your yards require to make it appear great all year round.

Landscapers can save you time

After working for your full-time job, do you need to go home and work in your yard as well? How about utilizing your whole weekend breaking your back to make your flower bed? For many people, this is something they will rather not do. Instead, you can hire a professional landscaping company and have your time back. Perhaps you can spend more time with your family or friends, or even utilize the time exercising a hobby.

You can get complete lawn maintenance service

When it comes to landscaping, there is more than just planting flowers or mowing the lawn. A good landscaping company can complete the following services:

  • Seeding, sodding and top dressing
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Tree trimming and removal
  • Hedge and shrub pruning
  • Pest control
  • Fertilizing

A professional landscaping company does all the best it can when it comes to assisting people out with landscaping. With well-trained experts, they help people and businesses to achieve high-quality landscaping and craft.

What to look for when booking a limousine for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the time of the year when romance fills the air as lovers express their feelings to each other is almost here. This means that everyone is probably looking for ideal limo service or a perfect town car service. Whatever vehicle you want to make your Valentine’s Day unique, a professional limo rental company will make sure you choose the right service. Basically, you want to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for whatever purpose. Given that a professional limo rental company is on limo business in the greater ideal area, they want to provide their staff and potential clients with some helpful tips on what to look for when hiring a limousine for Valentine’s Day. Below are some of the things you should put on mind while hiring a limo service:

  • Ensure that the company carry right regional, provincial and national licenses and is correctly insured
  • Since safety is key, make sure you ask what type of vehicles are in their fleet and how old they are
  • Plans may change, and your lover might take longer than expected to get ready for the big night. Make sure your limousine will be there whether it is getting late or you want to get there early. Also, make sure that the company you are dealing with will remain at your location
  • Make sure you ask for their charges so that you are not surprised by the total costs later
  • Ask the exact passage capacity of the limo you are booking to make sure you do not end up being cramped.

The following are some of the qualities you should look at when finding a limo for Valentine’s Day:

Variety of transportation services

A good limousine rental company does not only provide stretched out vehicles for Valentine’s. It renders a range of services like tour services, overnight transportation, shuttle services as well as trip planning. The more individual services a company provides, the high the chance of being hired it has since it caters to a broader customer base. This range adds the value and flexibility of the service putting it above the rest.

Stylish luxury vehicles

Luxury automobile models like Mercedes, Cadillac and Tesla all render vehicles that show class. Therefore, a limo rental company that offer such vehicles will be considered superior to the rest.

A large number of transportation options

Although the stretch limo is the best choice of vehicle for anyone who calls a limo rental company, some individuals are looking a different type of vehicle. Some might be looking a sedan to take them for the Valentine, while others might be looking for a luxury bus, to travel to various cities. Therefore, if a company does not have these options, it basically cannot qualify to be a top-notch limo rental company.

Some signs that it is time to Junk your Car

Edmonton Junk Your Car

Do you have a junk car sitting in your driveway and you can’t decide what to do.  We have compiled some signs below for your assistance.

It Didn’t Come with a Title

We’re not asking any questions, but if you try to sell the vehicle, people might get startled. Bottom line, no matter how you obtained it without a title, whether you inherited it when your great grandma passed or you took a shady kijiji deal, you cannot legally sell the vehicle to somebody else.

However, an auto junkyard will happily take it off your hands for some quick cash and can scrap it for metal.

Just document the transaction through a Bill of Sale. This requires:

  • names of seller and buyer
  • date the sale took place
  • description of the vehicle which includes year, make, model, VIN
  • mileage/kms at time of sale
  • price sold for

This information above covers you and the scrap yard legally.

It’s Sort of Junky

We understand that every spill, rip, and break comes with a store behind it, but we also know how the memories that make your car precious to you, devalue the car in the eyes of potential buyers.

You should salvage your car if:

  • the window’s don’t roll up normally
  • the automatic door locks stopped working
  • the interior is destroyed
  • the trunk will not open
  • the rearview mirror is missing
  • one or both side mirrors broke off
  • the smell of ____ will not go away
  • the gas tank door doesn’t open or isn’t there

If the cost of repairs starts to equal or exceed the trade in value, save yourself the headache of trying to sell. Plus, at some point soon, this baby probably will not pass an emissions inspection any longer, making it much more of a liability than an asset.

Clean up your memories; save a car key or small token from the car and let the rest go.

You Resorted to Using Duct Tape

Once you start breaking out the duct tape to hold together pieces of your car, it’s time to junk it. You may think it’s no big deal and that somebody will not notice something so little, but they do.

This holds especially true when you start duct-taping crucial pieces under the hood! Melting tape can get in places it shouldn’t and ruin something important under there, plus, doing so creates a fire hazard.

Save the duct tape for protecting the floor and ceiling edges the next time you paint and junk your car.

Driving It Feels Like an Episode of Fear Factor

If everytime you buckle up, you get knots in your tummy as if somebody’s strapping you into an unregulated roller coaster, then junking your car might save you from an accident, heart attack, or stroke.

We get it, the engine light came on three years ago, but the car drives just fine, except that shimming, an awful grinding noise. Plus, the wheels probably will not fall off all at once, right?

If it’s grinding, rattling, hesitating, or doing anything that makes you sweat while you drive, then junk your car. No more excuses! You need a safe and reliable vehicle that doesn’t threaten the safety of everybody within a mile radius. Bring it in for quick cash and peace of mind.

Nobody Wants It

Even if you cannot find anything majorly wrong with it, no engine problems, no missing parts, no serious body damage… some cars simply do not sell.

If you follow the rule of thumb used by car dealerships, then you do not want to try and sell for more than three months. Even one month is a long time when you consider:

  • insurance payments for a car you do not use
  • time, energy, and cost of placing ads
  • the number of no-shows you will deal with
  • all the people who waste your time looking at the car, pretending to want it
  • Regardless of how good of a vehicle you think it is, if people will not buy it, then you lose money on it. Your best bet is to junk it.

How Does Junking a Car Work?

To junk a car, follow this easy process!

Provide all vehicle information including, year, make, model, and true condition. If you lie, they will see this upon inspection. So tell them if parts are missing and if stuff doesn’t work.

Receive a cash offer, that you can accept or decline, but keep remembering why you’re junking it!

Accept the offer and collect the paperwork you will need for the transaction, like title and registration.

Choose a pickup date for them to retrieve the vehicle.

Get paid cash!

As you can see, this process takes up much less of your time and energy than trying to sell an old car.